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🌳 Garden(ing)

I plant seeds (open topics) on the go, for the things I would like to explore publically and work on in here.

It's usually a bit less messy than my private note-making, and also more focused / less noisy.

Digital garden(ing) and private note-making influence each other a lot; and likely lead to additional stuff that's more polished, such as articles, blog posts and other content.

Learn here about my private 🪴 note-making and second brain 🪴 process.

...and tools ⛏️

For my Digital Garden I use:

Obsidian.md with obsidian-digital-garden plugin by ole.dev.

For my private note-making I use:

Obsidian.md with 2 vaults: 1 for private + freelance projects; 1 for my full-time job.

Apple notes for quick capture on the go; which I then refine and put into one of the vaults as appropriate

Goodreads to keep track over the books I have read, and want to read

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