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Hi 👋
Welcome to my digital garden.

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currently growing <- early & in progress

harvest ready <- mature & polished content

Gardening since April 2022

What I'm 'planting' about 🌱

1. Building products

experiences, questions, or thoughts related to products
I work as a Product professional, and that's something I'm passionate about, so one of the things I'll be working on is definitely some

2. Personal knowledge management, and tools for thought

tools for thought, personal knowlegde management, (collaborative) note-making, building a second brain, and how it all fits with knowledge work
I'm curious about PKM and note-making. It's a bit 'meta', but this garden will contain a lot of stuff on gardening.

3. Books, reading and learning

thoughts on different books, book reviews and recommendations

4. Random sparks of curiosity

musings on 🪴 random things that interest me 🪴 at a given time

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- about my garden(ing)

👨🏻‍🌾 What's a digital garden? ✂️🌳​

Contextually speaking, it's an online space to share, nurture and shape ideas.

Practically speaking, it's something between private notes and blog, used for learning and building in public.

This is where I learn in public, plant ideas, and see them grow into something exciting.

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